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Classroom Education


Our workshops can help you to keep your fleet collision and damage free.

Workshops - the benefits

Continuous learning

Driving a company car is a responsibility for both company and drivers. A continuously changing landscape, laws and regulations mean that employees must be kept up to date.

DriveTech's workshops can help you to keep your fleet collision and damage free. Tailored to themes for your business, DriveTech can also recommend subjects and themes to help achieve maximum results and savings. We deliver through our global network in more than 95 countries and 35 languages.

Workshop for all vehicle types

Whether you are a company that operates cars, vans, buses, coaches or trucks we can help you to create a workshop to address road safety and its importance to your organisation

Different topics

Our workshops can include the following themes: Fleet safety policy Seatbelt usage The danger of mobile phone usage Causes for collisions Explaining braking distance How behaviour affects driving

Specifically designed

All workshops are created based on clients' specific requirements

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