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Classroom Education

Training management

DriveTech's planning tool enables managers and employees alike can plan their own training, providing them full control.

Training Management - the benefits

Use the right tools

To manage your fleet risk management programme effectively it's important that you have the right tools to plan and register your training interventions. Our online planning tools help you do just that. It's important for obligatory or professional training that everything is recorded

Organised planning

Employees and managers are able to plan driver training to suit your business. Managers are can decide on obligatory training or make dates available to allow employees to book their own training.

Access to information

Our tools also give you access to see who has registered for which course, giving you essential information on who still has to attend specific courses. In some countries, governments may make certain driver training mandatory, these requirements will make it vital for businesses to ensure employees' training records are current and valid.

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