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Road at night

Management Training

To achieve the best results, it’s essential to gain buy-in and support from across a business.

Management training - the benefits

Create a fleet safety culture

Introducing a fleet policy is a start point for any fleet risk management programme, but ensuring all staff adhere to it is another matter. Creating a fleet safety culture for your organisation is key and the optimum way to achieve this is to gain support from your management team at the very start.

Embed support for road safety

DriveTech’s management training gives your team an insight into their duty of care obligations and the skills needed to drive safely for work. We equip your managers with the knowledge to help them coach and support their teams. This training also provides an overview of fleet risk management, allowing managers to support your programme. We take your existing strategy and once combined with additional research, create a tailored management training programme for your managers.

Course portfolio

Typical subjects include...
1. Introduction to fleet risk management
2. Fleet safety policy
3. Fleet risk and compliance management
4. Journey planning
5. Communications and coaching
6. Best practice
7. Road safety statistics


If there’s a subject not covered, let us know and we will work with you to develop the right course for your business.

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