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Fleet risk data monitor

All your fleet risk data in one system

Fleet risk data monitor - the benefits

One view

To operate efficiently and safely access to the costs associated with fuel usage and vehicle repairs and information on how your drivers are performing is vital. Combine this data with DriveTech’s scientifically-proven assessments, and both managers and drivers alike can access insights into their on-road performance

We monitor for you...

... fines
... incidents
... collisions
... damage repair costs
... fuel costs
... drivers' profile
... insurance
... maintenance/service
... training interventions
... performance reports

Our portal

Our portal allows for complete management for your entire fleet. DriveTech can analyse your data to help you decide on ways to improve safety and sustainability. You also have full access enabling you to monitor your fleet at company level, by business unit or per individual driver.

Access information on driver performance and their assessments risk into high, medium and low categories. At any point in time, you have your driver community at your fingertips.

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