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Fleet Risk Consultancy

Helping you to develop a comprehensive approach to fleet risk management.

Fleet Risk Consultancy - the benefits

Industry experience

DriveTech’s road safety experts have extensive backgrounds in driver training and development. Analysing your requirements and operation we will make recommendations and help you implement interventions to improve your fleet risk strategy.

Fleet Risk Audit

We assess your entire fleet from a driver, vehicle and organisational perspective to provide you with a complete picture. Using analysis of the information gathered from the assessment, we develop a comprehensive report with recommendations to improve your fleet risk strategy. This acts as an ideal start point before beginning the process of fleet risk management, or use it to assess your current strategy

Develop a safety policy

A key part of best practice in fleet risk management is to develop a safety policy to address road safety and the associated rules and regulations. This type of policy is important from a legal perspective and also to help ensure your employees know what is expected of them. DriveTech can help with the development of your policy or the testing and modification of an existing policy.

Effective Communication

To maximise the impact of any aspect of a fleet risk management programme, it must be effectively communicated across all areas of a business. Ensuring your employees are aware and understand what is required of them will increase support for your programme and ensure its success. We will work with you to develop your core themes – do your employees persist in using their phones while driving, or fail to wear their seatbelts? We will help you address the topics relevant to your business.

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