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Classroom Education

ECO driving

Our ECO Driving courses teach you how to drive in a way to help save fuel and money on the associated costs and also significantly reduce your CO2 footprint.

ECO driving - the benefits

ECO courses

Our ECO Driving training course teaches...
... green and fuel efficient driving techniques
... reduces fuel usage and costs
... can be combined with our Driver Eco Assessment

Our training approach

Our on-road ECO driving course starts with an online self-assessment to determine a driver profile which is then used during the practical on-road training to allow the driver to compare with their actual performance. Our trainers will also use the Driver Performance Assessment to assess driver behaviour to coach effectively on a fuel efficient and green behaviours.

ECO assessment

Our Driver Eco Assessment gives an insight into driver behaviour for fuel efficient and green driving and serves as a valuable tool to monitor driving and provide management information. It enables...

... the company to assess the extent to which a driver applies the methods and tips to drive in a fuel efficient manner
... drivers and managers can review performance results

The assessment has been developed with Dutch Central Institute for Assessment Development (Cito)

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