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Classroom Education

E learning

DriveTech's SAFE e-learning improves the knowledge, skills and driver behaviour that contribute to fleet safety in your organisation

E-learning - the benefits

Scientifically-based learning

Our e-learning modules are based on our scientifically proven Driver Risk Assessment, tailored to the outputs of the assessment. SAFE e-learning is multilingual and is currently available in over 30 languages and can be delivered worldwide.

Change behaviour

Changing driver behaviour leads to long term results and cost savings for your business. Our SAFE e-learning provides management information via our online portal so you're able to see who has undertaken which modules of learning and you can monitor results of your Driver Risk Assessments.

Six key topics

Each module provides 20 minutes of active learning and concludes with a test.
Our e-learning modules cover:
1. Thrill seeking
2. Fatigue
3. Anxiety
4. Frustration
5. Distractions
6. Journey planning
The six modules above are, in our opinion, key to changing driver behaviour. However we are able to provide a more extensive range of both safe and eco driving modules.

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