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Data analysis

Data Analysis

Giving you an unique insight into data and solid advice to work on potential improvements

Data Analysis - the benefits

Collect, clean and analyse

We collect, cleanse and analyse your fleet (risk) data. You will gain unique insight into data and have solid advice to work on improvements.

Managing different data sources

There are many different sources of data available for fleet managers and those involved in running fleets: collision data, tachograph, telematics, risk assessment to name a few. Whilst almost anyone in the industry would agree that having access to new ranges of datasets should be advantageous, there is a tendency for the volume of data available to confuse and overwhelm. The answer lies in being able to convert all of the available datasets into meaningful management information.

Get results

By gaining insight into these new data you can...
1. Save fuel consumption
2. Avoid collisions
3. Achieve fleet operational excellence
4. Identify and discover issues
At DriveTech, we have professionals who can carry out extensive fleet risk data analysis on an international level.

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