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Classroom Education


Train your employees to become DriveTech-certified trainers

Certification - the benefits

We work with you

Our qualified team will ensure your staff are equipped with the necessary skills to roll out all your training requirements. Using our proven methodologies and tools we can help your staff deliver in-house courses to ensure your drivers’ knowledge and skills are kept up-to-date.

Train the Trainer

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ programme will ensure your in-house trainings are certified to an internationally recognised standard. It’s vital for an in-house trainers to have the correct competencies to deliver a programme of training. DriveTech will work with you to create course themes to achieve your objectives. Do you have in house trainers and you want to give them a refresher course or an initial certification?

Tailored methodology

We also help you with developing your driver training academy to make sure your trainers train according to the right methodology and approach. We start with analysing your company, determine the needs and decide which themes need to be covered. Together with your trainers, we develop a training programme that suits your company and drivers.

International Standards

You gain advantage from our international driver training standard. Our international partner network with DriveTech certified trainers already trains in over 95 countries and 35 languages. Whether you a small team or would like to develop your own Academy, DriveTech will ensure your teams are able to deliver to your requirements.

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