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International driver training in over 95 countries

Consistent fleet risk management, & on-road driver training in 35 languages, that increases safety & lowers fleet costs

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International training in action

See the same training delivered in different countries

Our unique approach of International driver training


Our behaviour-based approach will ensure you achieve the maximum benefit for your business. Risk factors assessed include work-related pressures, aggression, driving excitement, hazard monitoring and fatigue.

Integrated approach

Our unique combination of assessment, consultancy and driver training, alongside an online portal, enables you to monitor your driver safety management programme across the globe.

World-class partners

Our Driver Risk Assessment has been developed in conjunction with DriverMetrics and is based on 25 years of research. Our Driver Eco Assessment was developed together with the Central Institute for Test Development (CITO), a leading academic institute in the Netherlands.

Global coverage in over 95 countries and 35 languages

A global fleet safety programme can immensely benefit from accurate risk assessment. It enables the targeting of specific drivers or behaviours and serves as management information through our fleet risk data monitor. We also work with 40 local driver training partners to deliver global initiatives, locally.

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